Unexpectedly charming: Koblenz

Hello travelers!

I hope you have a great weekend! Today I will tell you more about a city in Germany where we accidentally stopped and got completely amazed: Koblenz.

In July Alex and I went to the Rock am Ring festival, which by the way was awesome! After that, we met Alex mom in Cologne so we can have lunch together, nevertheless because of the transit we finished in Koblenz, quite strange because neither Alex nor his mom had never been in Koblenz, of course neither do I. What we found was a nice surprise.

We saw a small tour train passing around the city, so if you have time enough catch it, I lost it but if you get the train please let me know how it was.

Yes, the sky really is this blue

We started walking in the city which is really nice, the blue is so perfect! there are a lot of families walking there, tourists that came in a boat and stop in Koblenz to eat their lunch there.

The food is really nice, we got into an italian restaurant, but also there are nice spots to eat close to the river.

Where the Rhine and Mosel rivers met


Maybe you will think I am crazy, nevertheless you can actually see the different color of the water of each side, that get together exactly in this point. If you have visited Koblenz you know I am not crazy!

A connected city


For me it was amazing to see all these transportation methods together: bikes, cars, boats, trains and even a cableway.

We spend one day in here, but I told Alex that if we live somewhere in Germany, I can see myself everyday in this nice city, with him at my side.

Enjoying summer together

In this picture we had a really nice surprise, Alex explaining me more about Koblenz, we he had never been here and that was really nice, a new place for us in his own country.

Happy reading!

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