The World Best Christmas Markets

Hi travelers!

Due to the christmas season is coming Alex and I wanted to give you a post about christmas markets, the best ones we have visited and what makes them special.

I really enjoy this season and how the cities and towns are decorated, the traditions that come with Christmas, the lights and threes and the food of course! But let’s start with our article, christmas markets:

Christmas decoration everywhere! – Perfect season ❤

Charles Dickens Christmas Market, Netherlands

For me, the Charles Dickens Christmas market with the stories of the Christmas tales about Ebenezer Scrooge in Deventer in the Netherlands is one of the most exciting and traditional Christmas markets in the world. Especially at the second or third weekend of Advent this Christmas market tales place and introduces the fictional world of adventure by Charles Dickens to its visitors. Deventer is not far from the major Dutch cities such as Apeldoorn or Arnhem, so it is also easy to reach from Germany or Belgium. You should definitely bring time, because here, young and old will experience a lot of fun. For example, all kinds of scenes from the Christmas story and Co are being performed, disguised persons reflect the characters and the rich in monuments and guild houses Dutch commercial city do the rest. It is this combination and the mixture of a fictional tangible experience and authenticity instead of kitsch that make this Christmas market something very special. Of course, of the typical Christmas souvenir stalls and hot spiced wine taverns there are not too few. If you are in the mood for a small piece of disneyised Christmas wonderland, then the Charles Dickens Christmas Mart in Deventer is the place for you.

Christkindlmarkt in Nuremberg and Landshut, Germany

The name Christkindlmarkt is well-known and probably the epitome of the classic Christmas market, which rather captivates by traditional art instead of bustle. These include for example the original gingerbread originating from Nuremberg, which has gained its worldwide significance in the former imperial city with its magnificent castle complex in the middle of the Franconian capital. These gingerbreads are also known as Elisenlebkuchen and have always been one of the greatest Christmas tradition of the Germans. Without the sweet pastry with a neatly included sugar content, the traditional German Christmas world would be a whole lot poorer. And anyway, the Christkindlmarkt is considered to be one of the most beautiful and important Christmas markets in the world due to its atmosphere in the middle of former medieval city walls.

Of course, this also means that meanwhile many other small surrounding cities vie for the similar favor of visitors and also have their own city Christmas markets. However, one of the most beautiful in addition to the Nuremberg classic is the market in the southern Bavarian town of Landshut not far from Munich, known for the largest brick church tower in the world.

There you will be kidnapped into the wondrous world of Christmas by the warm lights and the many stalls with all sorts of goodies. The background with the church next to it offers the perfect atmosphere for a sensual Christmas. From mulled wine to fragrant biscuits and gingerbread, as well as winter clothing you will find everything your heart desires. Amidst the turmoil is a life-size gingerbread house as an advent calendar, which lets you indulge in the nostalgia of childhood.


Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Finland

However, nowadays due to climate change and so on, it is also often necessary to go back to Central European latitudes in order to experience a classic winter wonderland with soft white snow and an equally long-lasting snow guarantee. How about looking a few miles north (after all, it is only a few): Not far from the Arctic Circle is the world famous Christmas village Rovaniemi located in the zone of the eternal winter of Tundra. There is, for example, the office of Santa Claus and you can also visit him in person to express your wishes. Why not the desire to maintain the world climate in the future so that it is assured that snow falls at the south Arctic Circle at this time of the year? A splendid idea, correct? At least a trip to northern Finland is worth it, especially during the cold season, because of its very special Christmas market. You should definitely not miss it.

Marché  de Noel de Lille, France

As I told you before, I had an exchange semester in Lille, luckily I was in winter time so I had the beauty pleasure to spend Christmas on Lille, this was the first Christmas Market I saw outside Mexico, I think I went at least twice each week, is not that big the market, actually is small, nevertheless is a warm place, that make you feel in home and hungry haha each stand has something really really tasty. I was in love with the hot wine and a small tend of waffles, the best I ever had in my life, there was an entire family cooking the waffles. I went everyday to make a line and wait for my waffles, also a drink and watch some handicraft articles. The weather was completely cold yes, but it was completely worth it, near by they also had a Ferris wheel, you can get into it for 5 euros, I never did, which took my to visit my next christmas market, in Paris.

My loved hot wine ❤

Marché de Noel, Paris

So I went to Paris, where they have a wheel twice bigger and finally I was able to get up, the price was the double than in Lille, but the view was completely worth it. I actually payed for a photograph in the wheel haha my emotions get crazy in Christmas time.

Coming back to the point, Christmas markets, I visited the one in Paris,  which is really nice, the atmosphere is one of the most important things in this market, is located between the Eiffel tower and this big wheel, the stands are made of wood and you can find food and decoration but also a lot of souvenirs.

My loved Paris

Geneva’s Christmas market

Our last Christmas market is in Geneva, this market for me was super fancy, with a lot of home decoration articles, fancy chocolate and a nice decoration, one thing I loved in Geneva were the huge christmas trees on each street. Lovely city.

Geneva’s decoration

We hope you enjoy our article, have you been in any of those Christmas markets? How was your experience there?

Happy reading!

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