About us

My name is Alex, I am a passionate traveler, who had no sponsors, rich parents paying my trips or any kind of help to travel, and I wanna show you that the one thing you need to travel is to really have a desire to do it.

My big adventure started in 2008 when I stayed for a year in Australia. Years later and after visiting 35 countries my self-confidence grew and my horizon extended, and it is also interesting to see how the world is changing and your own ego as well. I can’t say that I had something like an own ego before I travelled the world, but I know that I always thought more than once before I made a decision. Sometimes it gave me the feeling to stand out from the rest but in the years of my youth it wasn’t always easy to manage.

I started my first long trip to Australia, and there I was taking the dangerous drug with endless effect – my “Wanderlust” was born. I visited the countries to get more and more. I discovered parts of Asia and South America on my own. Now I am writing from Mexico for my first blog post. And here in Mexico I took some decisions in the last weeks to get out again from the comfort zone. But I think there will be a new and bigger challenge than in the last months.

I always have to tell a lot about my travels, my stories about countries are endless and it is always interesting for my audience to hear the same story again and again. But with this blog I can mention my point of travelling and do not leave my thoughts and experiences behind closed and observed offices.

Happy reading.